Workforce Constructing Bundle 2022: 6 in 1 Mini-Programs Assortment

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Build winning teams & cultures that thrive in a new dynamic world
What you’ll learn
Find out why traditional organizations are no longer suited for a complex, unpredictable and fast-chag environments
Learn How you can develop teams that are dynamic, agile yet integrated
Understand how evolution in human consciousness and psychological development have affected organizational models
Understand how you can build dream organizations with sustainable growth, no silos/infighting, and allow people to do thrive and fulfill their calling
Discover the 3 critical skills behind great cultures and extraordinary teams, which allow groups to perform synergistically
Uncover the top factors that cripple teams, and convert them into 5 sets of essential behaviors for team success
Find out how to identify and nurture ideal team players with 3 key virtues to make it easier for them to embrace the 5 critical behaviors
See some of these ideas come to life as you learn the powerful philosophies and strats behind Google’s success
Understand why/how they build a “high-freedom culture”
Learn how they attract and manage global talents
The course is for all levels.

No management experience is needed. You will learn everything you need to know.
Our world is chag rapidly. Do traditional organizational models still work How can you build strong tribes, synergistic teams and a winning culture What organizational structures and tools can you apply to build cohesive, adaptable teams
The six best-selling team-building books inspire these six mini-courses.
This bundle equips you with insights, frameworks and tools for building winning teams and organizations in our dynamic new world. It’s an essential toolkit for leaders who’re responsible for team building and organizational development.
Here are the powerful insights you can expect from these Mini-Courses
Understand how our organizational models reflect our consciousness and psychological development;
Discover the 7 paradigms of mankind’s consciousness evolution, and the breakthroughs and limitations of our organizational models in each paradigm;
Find out why we’re likely to be on the verge of another paradigm shift, and what we can learn from pioneer organizations that have already made the leap to the new paradigm;
Learn the specific philosophies and practices used by the pioneer organizations to achieve new breakthroughs in self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose;
Uncover the 2 critical conditions needed to create or transit to the new paradigm;
Understand why relationships are more important than intelligence or skills in extraordinary teams and groups;
Learn the 3 critical skills behind strong cultures, and how you can crack the culture code by building safety, sharing vulnerability, and establishing purpose;
Understand why a “high-freedom culture” is vital for attracting global talents and achieving outstanding performance, and what it takes to build such a culture;
Discover why Google invests in hiring only the top talents, and how it attracts, cultivates and selects the best hires for Google;
Understand why most companies’ performance management systems are flawed, and uncover the unusual approach that Google uses to reward and motivate its people, and to help them improve;
Find out why most training and courses don’t work, and learn the strats that Google uses to improve organizational learning and influence employee behaviors;
Get tips on to use the ideas from this book to define and refine your own work rules;
Learn how to convert 5 elements that typically cripple teams, into 5 elements of success, each laying the foundation for the next ingredient;
Find out how you can build trust, master conflicts, achieve commitment, embrace accountability and focus on results in your teams;
Learn the 3 virtues of an ideal team player, the common behavioral traits and signs of lack;
Understand the potential issues that may arise when 1 or more of the virtues are missing, and how you can address such gaps;
Find out how to apply this model to hiring, assessing and developing your team members, and how to to embed the virtues into your organizational culture;
Understand the difference between complicated environments vs complex environments;
Find out what are the strengths and weaknesses of different organizational structures and the environments they are most suited for; and
Learn the 2 breakthroughs required to build a team of teams—shared consciousness and empowered execution—and how you can go about achieving them.
Who this course is for
Business Leaders
Strat Consultants
Teamwork/Strategy Consultants
CEOs and Leaders
Coaches and Leaders of any social, sports or interest groups
Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
HR Managers
Human Resources specialists and business consultants
Leaders from profit and non-profit organizations looking for new approaches to global challenges
Leaders from profit and non-profit organizations looking for new approaches to fast-chag, complex environments
Anyone working in a team or responsible for leading a team

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