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Crush Your Goals
What you’ll learn
Goal setting
Tips to accomplish goals
Methods of breaking down goals
Mindset for goal completion
Goals often fail.

But why do they fail How do we prevent ourselves from failure
Good planning will greatly increase your ability to achieve your goals.
In this course we will go over planning to achieve your goals and we will take to go over the things that cause goals to fail. In truth, most goals fail before work ever starts towards them. This is because the plan is poorly put together.
Accomplishing a goal requires
Good Planning
Set Aside for Specific Purposes
If you have trouble finishing goals this course will help you to build good habits that change that behavior.
“Do not plan for ventures before finishing what’s at hand.” – Euripides (Philosopher)
What Euripides means by that is that if you do not finish what you have already started and you take on another task or venture you are unlikely to ever complete the task at hand. Your previous goal will fail because of your new one. We have a limited amount of and energy. If we spend it focused on a group of goals that are always chag before completion we end up never actually finishing anything.
“Plan your work. Work your Plan.” – Napoleon Hill.
What Napoleon Hill means by that is that if you plan your work you will have structure and tasks that keep you on track. If you stay on that track you will complete your plan. But you must always work at staying on the plan that you have created. There will always be distractions and things that could steer you away. But maintaining that focus will lead you to greater achievement.
In this course we will learn about how to stay on task and create a focus that leads to us accomplishing more goals.
Who this course is for
Anyone who is trying to accomplish a goal

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How to Create and Complete Goals

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